IGCSE Physics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

IGCSE Physics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

Home Tuition available for IGCSE Maths and Physics, A-level Maths & Physics, University Maths, SPSS and other subjects in Johor Bahru, Johor and Singapore.

Hi, if you are looking for home tuition in Johor Bahru for Mathematics, Physics, and related subjects around Johor Bahru area. I do provide home tuition for IGCSE, A-level, SPM, STPM, diploma, degree students.

Why do Physics Home Tuition with me:

I hold a distinction master degree related to Statistics. In addition, I have lecturing experience in college and university on maths and physics related subject, I also have publication in international peer reviewed journal.

Those who might be interested for the Tuition:

  • Those who studying IGCSE, A-level, diploma, university degree, master degree

 Latest Syllabus for IGCSE Physics (2016-2018)*

General physics

1.1 Length and time
1.2 Motion
1.3 Mass and weight
1.4 Density
1.5 Forces
1.6 Momentum (Extended candidates only)
1.7 Energy, work and power
1.8 Pressure

Thermal physics

2.1 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
2.2 Thermal properties and temperature
2.3 Thermal processes

Properties of waves, including light and sound

3.1 General wave properties
3.2 Light
3.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
3.4 Sound

Electricity and magnetism

4.1 Simple phenomena of magnetism
4.2 Electrical quantities
4.3 Electric circuits
4.4 Digital electronics (Extended candidates only)
4.5 Dangers of electricity
4.6 Electromagnetic effects

Atomic physics

5.1 The nuclear atom
5.2 Radioactivity

*For reference only, please refer to the official source for the latest update.

List of Subjects available for Home Tuition in Johor Bahru:

Subject Cover for IGCSE or equivalent:

i) IGCSE Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

ii) IGCSE Additional Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

iii) IGCSE Physics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

Subject Cover for A-level or equivalent:

i) A-level Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

ii) A-level Additional Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

iii) A-level Statistics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

iv) Finance (Investment/Corporate Finance) Home Tuition Johor Bahru

v) A-level Physics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

vi) Econometrics

vii) SPSS

viii) A-level Economics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

Subject Cover for University Level (Degree and Master):

i) Business Mathematics

ii) Statistics

iii) Finance (Investment/Corporate Finance)

v) Econometrics

vi) SPSS

Contact us for MathematicsHome Tuition in Johor Bahru and Singapore:

Anyone who interested to have home tuition on maths or physics or other subjects (IGCSE, A-level, university) please send in your query (name, subject, area) through sms/watapps to 017-7058496 (Mr. Stanley) to appointment for phone discussion. Thanks.

1. SMS/Watapps: 017-7058496

IGCSE Physics Home Tuition Johor Bahru