IGCSE Additional Mathematics

IGCSE Additional Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

Hi, I am a private tutor in Johor Bahru who provide home tuition in Johor Bahru for Mathematics and quantitative subjects in Johor Bahru. For instnace, the additional mathematics home tuition services is available for the following syllabus.

  • O-level
  • A-level (A2 and AS)
  • SPM
  • STPM
  • diploma
  • degree

For students and parents in Johor Bahru and Singapore, additional maths home Tuition is available for

  • IGCSE Maths and Physics
  • A-level Maths & Physics
  • University Maths
  • SPSS and
  • other subjects

Why do Additional Maths Home Tuition with me

As PhD holder, I also hold a distinction master degree related to Statistics.

I am a private tutor in Johor Bahru with years of experience. In addition, I have lecturing experience in college and university on maths and related subject. Nonetheless, I also have publication in international peer reviewed journal related to mathematics.

Those who might be interested for the Home Tuition

  • Those who studying IGCSE, A-level, diploma, university degree, master degree

Contact us for Additional Mathematics Home Tuition in Johor Bahru and Singapore

For instance, if you are interested to have additional mathematics home tuition with me, please send in your query to me with your details.

  • Students Name
  • Tutoring Subject
  • Area

You can reach me through sms/watapps at 017-7058496 (Dr. Stanley) to appointment for phone discussion. Thanks.

IGCSE Additional Mathematics Home Tuition Johor Bahru

Latest IGCSE Additional Mathematics Syllabus (2017-2019)*

  1. Set language and notation
  2. Functions
  3. Quadratic functions
  4. Indices and surds
  5. Factors of polynomials
  6. Simultaneous equations
  7. Logarithmic and exponential functions
  8. Straight line graphs
  9. Circular measure
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Permutations and combinations
  12. Binomial expansions
  13. Vectors in 2 dimensions
  14. Matrices
  15. Differentiation and integration

*Syllabus may change from time to time, please refer to the official sources for latest update.

List of Subjects available for Home Tuition in Johor Bahru:

Private Tutoring for IGCSE or equivalent

Private Tutoring for A-level or equivalent

Private Tutoring for University Level (Degree and Master)

  • Business Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Finance (Investment/Corporate Finance)
  • Econometrics
  • SPSS consultation and data analysis